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Or one that could make people’s lives better? Or maybe an idea that could simplify or
automate a complicated process? These are just a few of the ideas that Bayou City Lab has
supported in the past and is looking to invest in today through BCL Ventures.

Bayou City Lab is one of the hottest venture
investor outfits in the Houston area,

voted as one of the area’s top 40 businesses to watch in 2020. Over our short history, we have empowered entrepreneurs to not only bring their idea to market, but to help them succeed and thrive in a competitive world. We are also a proudly Black-owned venture capitalist outfit dedicated to helping people from all walks of life realize their dreams. Our current focus is on early-stage startups that put technology first. So, if you have a tech idea that could do things differently, BCL Venture may be able to help.

BCL Venture is unique among minority
venture capitalist firms because we invest in more than just companies.

We invest in the people driving them with a full suite of services designed to improve ideas, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and create a more promising path to success. Along with our pre-seed and seed funding options, BCL Venture helps you tap into our network of CEOs, entrepreneurs, technologists and other experts, all of whom are hungry for that next great idea.

But why choose Bayou City Lab for your minority venture capitalist investment?

Because we’ve been where you are today and work hard to help you at every stage. Rather than just providing the cash you need to move forward, we help you create a product and plan that can lead to rapid customer adoption and speed up your development.

Bayou City Lab has funded numerous ventures with a focus on minority-owned businesses. Some of our many success stories include MyMedCred and MyPetCredentials, both of which help efficiently track essential credentials in the medical and veterinary fields. Other upcoming projects include college NFL scouting program Scout Menu, construction management platform Ruckice, and uEligible, a mobile app that lets student athletes monitor their Division I college eligibility in real time.

If you are still developing your idea,
Bayou City Lab can also help with our
Studio division.

With BCL Studio, you can tap into resources like market research, product management, design elements and more. All of this is designed to take your idea from concept to customer adoption.

While many of our investments at BCL Venture have come through our Studio division, we are also happy to hear from companies looking more for investment and funding. We focus on treating everyone who walks through our doors with integrity, respect, and transparency, which means we are happy to help at any stage and in any way. Your success is why we do what we do.

Bayou City Lab is proud to be one of the few Black-owned venture

capitalist firms in America and looks for opportunities in early-stage, technology-driven companies. We focus on young companies and startups in the Southwest and help with pre-seed and seed investment rounds. If you have an idea or company that wants to take things to the next level, consider BCL Venture for your next round of investment.

Whatever your idea, if it is technology-driven and in need of funding, BCL Venture is here to help. We are proud to be a minority venture capitalist firm with a focus on helping minority-owned businesses succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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