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It’s a given that everyone in business needs software. Whether you’re a small upstart or an already-thriving enterprise in need of a tune-up on your company’s software algorithms, your business can benefit from working with a software development company. Whether you’re looking for a simple program to act as a spreadsheet for budgets or you want a GUI for your POS system, having the right software developers on your team can be a game-changer. As the market blossoms, the need for more programs (and programming) blossoms, and there’s ample opportunity for software developers to fill the need, creating more diversity. In recent years, specialized black-owned software development companies have formed a niche market frequented by black-owned community businesses.

If you are a business seeking help from black-owned software development companies, you may wonder what the criteria are in seeking one out. Here are a few pointers to make finding the right company that much easier.

#1.  Get Acquainted with the Company’s Reputation

With so many black-owned software development companies to choose from, it can be a little hard to dip your toe in. You may be overwhelmed by service offerings you may not totally understand, making you unable to distinguish the services of one black-owned software development team from another.

An excellent way to narrow down the pool is to use online and social media resources to help vet the company that’s the best fit. Any well-known black-owned software development company will have served a fair number of clients, many of whom are willing to write reviews. If a developer’s pitch sounds good, still remember to check their ratings on Google Reviews, Clutch, or Yelp.

#2.  Know What Services You’re Looking For

It’s best to be totally prepared before you go hunting for a black-owned software development firm, but you may not be privy to all the jargon used by software developers. A good black-owned software development team will be eager to explain the process to you in laymen’s terms, and they will adequately prescribe or troubleshoot all your software concerns.

#3.  An Appropriate Budget

Is that old, outdated DOS program you’re using to track inventory no longer feasible to use in today’s touch-screen universe, or does it frequently glitch out? Is your facility expanding and increasing the demands on your current programs? Bringing interfaces into the new age is the bread-and-butter of black-owned software development.

But their services aren’t free, either. Before you go to the black-owned software development route, make sure you can set an appropriate budget by assessing your needs and what the developer charges for the service. You want to team up with a black-owned software development team that can explain this clearly.

Black-Owned Software Development Team

If you are a black-owned software development start-up, and you’re looking for help streamlining your processes so you can better grow and thrive, the team of experts at Bayou City Lab are here for you. Bayou City Lab employs the best minds in engineering, designing, and marketing to not only help your business grow but to help it stand out in a thriving market.

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